Our Services



Literary translation renders the literary repertoire of a culture into another.

In Sunshine Translations we are passionate about the literary and the publishing worlds. In our atelier we study literary works to determine the best strategies to effectively convey ideas among cultures. Our areas of expertise include translation of Victorian, historical, Chicano and children’s literature, as well as comics and graphic novels.


Our atelier offers two branches within the publishing and editing worlds: we take care of the edition and quality assessment of translations, and we also proofread any text in its original language. We usually work with literary, scientific, and corporate texts, among others. For the publishing industry we prepare book collections and translation proposals.


We translate all kinds of certified and non-certified legal documents such as contracts, by-laws, import and export certificates, court documents, patents, powers of attorney, and academic documents. In the United States, we offer translations certified by notary public; and in Venezuela, we offer translations certified by sworn translator.



We offer to translate and edit your company's communications, marketing campaigns, presentations, web pages and advertisements.


We also translate documents, books and texts within medicine and the pharmaceutical industry directed to a general or specialized public. This includes guides, books or manuals, medical reports, instructions, clinical trials, and research papers.



Entails translating books, documents, reports and manuals regarding the scientific fields of biology, geology, engineering, biotechnology, mechanics, and oil. It also includes the areas of telecommunications and architecture.



We offer to the academic community, at any level, the translation and proofreading of research papers, abstracts, presentations, thesis and dissertations.