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Catalina Silva-Munoz, born in Chile 29 years ago, is passionate about cultural diversity and multiculturalism. She holds a B.A. in Anthropology with a concentration in Religious Studies with the Phi Theta Kappa distinction of the University of Houston, Texas. After working as a bilingual teacher for children and adults of different nationalities, in 2015 she decides to pursue graduate studies at the University of Houston-Victoria. She studies the Master’s degree in Strategic Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. Her passion for cultural diversity directs her to take part in an international communications agency where she meets the world of translation and interpreting. Nowadays, she combines her dedication to linguistic services with her studies in natural medicine and its interracial and international application.

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Marianella Quintero Ocaña, born in Venezuela 28 years ago, is curious and in love with literature and culture. She is always looking for something new to learn. Since she can recall, she has been interested in languages and cultures and for that reason she studies a B.A. in Modern Languages in Universidad de Los Andes. But it is as an exchange student in Germany when she discovers her passion for translation and decides to follow her way to learn in the area. She starts her path studying legal translation until one day she makes her dream come true: to study literary translation in the M.A. in Translation for the Publishing Industry in Universidad de Málaga. Although strange for some, she is passionate about the legal world and the literary world at the same time, but in her perspective these two passions converge perfectly. In her professional path she has combined translating with teaching English as a Foreign Language. Since 2010 she dedicates to freelance translation. In 2013 she becomes a Professor of English for Science and Technology in Universidad Simón Bolívar and in 2014 she becomes a sworn translator in English in Venezuela. In the future she wants to specialize in medical translation and would like to learn about book editing and publishing.

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Photography by María Laura Barrios